Playing Master of Orion 2 in a DOSBox

Master of Orion 2 is a superb strategy game. It was released in year 1996. It is year 2015 now and I still conquer the galaxy now and then, when I really have nothing better to do.

Let’s assume, that c:\Games\ORION2CD is the directory with the installation files. Start the DOSBox, mount the directory with games, install the game to c:\ORION2 and setup soundcards (first listed soundcards worked for me):

mount c: c:/games

You can upgrade the game to any released patch by replacing files in c:\ORION2 with patched files. Patch 1.31 is recommended because it brings various improvements to the UI (e.g. ship refit screen).

Let’s create a convenient shortcut which launches the game. Here is the final setup:

 Directory of c:\Games

01/04/2015  10:15 PM    <DIR>          .
01/04/2015  10:15 PM    <DIR>          ..
01/04/2015  10:16 PM    <DIR>          ORION2
01/04/2015  10:23 PM               108 orion2.conf
01/04/2015  10:16 PM             1,978 orion2.lnk
01/04/2015  10:14 PM    <DIR>          ORION2CD
               2 File(s)          2,086 bytes

These are the contents of orion2.conf:


mount c: c:/games
cd orion2

And here is the target of orion2.lnk:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -conf "c:\games\orion2.conf" -noconsole -exit

Careful though! The game causes severe addiction ! 🙂

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